Monday, May 24, 2010




Wednesday, June 9th Try our 4 course wine and food pairing showcasing the 2009 release of this year’s great rose paired around slow roasted pig. Oink, Oink! $55 pp

Monday, June 14th 6:30 pm
Whites and Reds: learn about the old world style of German wines and what to pair with $30pp

Sunday, June 20th, 11:30 am until 3:00 pm
Offering a 3 course prix-fix at $40 as well as our regular brunch menu. Think scotch, beer & burgers!

Monday, June 28th 6:30 pm
Taste 10 wines under $10 retail and find some values for your picnic basket this summer. $30pp

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rose season is here!

We tasted through 30 different Rose in the past month with great anticipation of the sumkmer release. First, southern France still rules when it comes to pink wine. Not that there aren't good rosés from other places, but the Languedoc, Provence, Saumur, etc. always seem to come out tops whenever I do a survey tasting like this. Two, when rosé is bad, it's really depressing. There's nothing worse than a cheerful, fun wine that's actively unpleasant (for instance, odors of canned corn or flavors recalling watermelon Jolly Ranchers). Three, there is no such thing as vintage Rose. If it's niot current---do not buy it!

What I suggest you do with rosé, rather than analyze it deeply, is just simply enjoy it on that hot & humis day with Burgers, BBQ, Pizza or salads. And if you want to open up a bottle of rosé while you cook, well, go right ahead. I guarantee that the kitchen gods will not smite you in anger.

So, with that in mind, here are just a few we have on the menu this evening"

Quo, Rose of Grenache, Campo de Borja, Spain 2009
La Croix du Prieur, Rose of Consault-Grenache Provence, France 2009
Bastianch, Rose of Sangiovese, Tuscany, Italy 2009
Kreos, Rose of Negromaro, Salento, Italy 2009
Vidal Fleury, Rose of Syrah, Cotes du Rhone 2009
Remy Pannier, Rose of Cabernet Franc, Anjou, Loire Vally 2009
Hecht & Bannier, Rose of Syrah-Cinsault, Languedoc, France 2009
Castello di Ama, Rose of Sangiovese, Tuscany, Italy 2009

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Meet the most powerful woman in Napa this Monday for a free wine tasting!

Sneak out of work early this Monday!
Yes, there are other woman affiliated with Napa than myself!
Come have a wine chat with Eileen Crane this Monday from 4:30 to 6:30pm and learn why Forbe's Magazine calls her "the most powerful woman in Napa Valley." Eileen cemented her status at Domaine Carneros by Taittinger as its founding winemaker and president in 1987, where she has stood virtually alone as a woman in the male-dominated wine industry. More than 30 years later Crane is still hard at work making her signature sparkling wines--the "classic, Audrey Hepburn of wines," as she likes to say, such as their Cuvee de la Pompadour" Rose which we will be tasting along with their Brut 2006 sparkling and their Pinot Noir 2006.

So cut out of work early on Monday and taste some great wines paired with artisan cheeses. I know you'll love the wines but you'll also love the chance to learn from my talented and engaging friend, Eileen Crane. Oh, did I mention that it's FREE! See you Monday. No RSVP necessary.