Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Advertising in the virtual world?

These days are not like the past in so many ways. We are a community of immediate gratification due to little time in our schedules and sensory overload. We pay bills on-line; we read newspapers on-line; we buy groceries on-line; we TiVo past commercials; we look for quick fixes and cheap results; we listen to Satellite to avoid advertising; we read books on-line so no need for Borders; we even diagnose ourselves through WebMD to avoid the doctor visit; we buy music on-line to avoid the trip to the store and rent our movies through Pay-Per-View so no more Blockbuster; we even meet our future spouses on-line and shop for pets and we communicate our profound thoughts 24/7 via Facebook. So, in this new virtual world we find ourselves in, how does one reach their consumer? Is it through magazine ads that cost $3,000 for a full page and hope they have a decent circulation? Is it through discount mailers that seem inundated with coupons for new tires or vinyl blinds? Is it a radio spot that no one listens to? Is it a commercial that people fast forward past? Is it a newspaper ad in the weekend section that everyone only reads the highlighted articles on-line? What will come of newspapers, magazines, commercials or radio spots? Do people trust the anonymous bloggers on various sites to provide factual or relevant information?
So how do we reach you? We believe the best forum is through charity events. They're a win-win for everyone. We provide our staff and food so that great organizations can raise money for their particular causes. The only problem...there's more charities than one could possibly support. We receive emails and phone calls almost daily so we've chosen to highlight topics that directly effect us, such as, children with special needs, cancer events, local schools, and the arts.
How do you find new stores, restaurants, etc?